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We stock huge range of high-quality Optical Transceivers, DAC/AOC cabling in our worldwide warehouse; We have full range of MPO, CWD, and DWDM, which are ready to delivery at same day you ordered.

All of our network transceivers are fully compliant to MSA standards;

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High-Bandwidth and Low-Latency 5G Fronthaul Solution

Fiber2c flexible fronthaul configurations have become an essential ingredient for balancing the latency, throughput and reliability demands of advanced 5G applications.

Capacity: Our 5G fronthaul solution is ready to support tens of Gbps

Deployment Cost: Fiber2c offers you the most cost efficient fronthaul solution

Availability: It is the major consideration for our fronthaul solution

Ultralow latency: Fiber2c offers high availability, ultralow latency and tight security.

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Fiber2c provide 155M~100G SFP optical solutions for transmission network application.

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Melbourne |  Copenhagen  |  Irvine |  
a global supplier

Our 25G, 40G, 100G and 400G optics support Data Center solutions

Large growth in internet and 4G/5G mobile network and applications is driving the growth in bandwidth and changes in data center architectures

  • Subsequent growth in number of optical links
  • Large increase in power requirements
Cost efficient solutions support data center  growth today
Lower power consumption and networking deployment cost
Smaller module form factors for higher port density
Increased performance to leverage existing infrastructure

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Fiber2c offers one integral solution for your business, and the real One-Stop-Shop customer experience.

All Fiber2c products and solutions have been designed around the way wholesalers, retailers, telecomm operators, and data centers  actually work: they are not adapted from generic products.

  • Full range of SFP, DAC / AOC Cable, and CWDM/DWDM MUX/DEMUX.

  • We have the warehouse & Service Department in worldwide

  • Fast delivery Free shipping(Transceiver Products Only) On orders over $125

  • 99% of our deals can’t be found anywhere else in Australia

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