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Fiber2c is one of the Australia’s leading innovators in the hardware of data centre and networking. Fiber2c’s extensive experience in both manufacturer and supply chain crosses all markets, from telecommunication, wireless network and broadband access network, to LAN, enterprise, OEM and among others. In order to provide the better services in Australia, we set up the local office in Melbourne.
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As a proficient manufacturer of optical transceivers, and a professional sourcing of networking hardware, Fiber2c System Pty Ltd starts to provide business-to-consumer and business-to-business sales services via internet. The first reason is simple and pretty obvious, we want to simplify the purchasing procedures for our customers. Fiber2c is deeply proud of the contribution we can make in our new role, because we aim to make our customers, and partners more successful, and make a positive contribution to the telecommunication and IT industry.

Fiber2c always demonstrates respect when achieving our results, every day we connect our reliable clients, reducing their purchasing cost. We not only sell products to you, we deliver prosperity, we transport best services, we power growth, and we deliver the best customer experience.
Broadband Access
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