100G DAC

The cables are compliant with InfiniBand Architecture, SFF-8636 specifications and provide connectivity between devices using QSFP28 ports. The QSFP28 cable is an assembly of 4 full-duplex lanes, where each lane is capable of transmitting data at rates up to 25Gb/s per direction, providing an aggregated rate of 100Gb/s.

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100G DAC

— Specifications

Part Number    FCCP10-QQCxxx
Form Type QSFP28 Temperature 0~+70℃
Interface QSFP28 to QSFP28 Passive DAC TX Power  N/A
Wavelength  N/A Cable Type cable


— Compatibility


QSFP28 Passive High-Speed Cable - FCCP10-QQCxxx


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